Live the life that’s true to who you are with the Method for Self Mastery

The Method for Self Mastery is rooted in ancient mystical teachings. Yet it’s current and relevant to your life today.  Experience inside-out solutions coupled with a fresh and practical approach to Self-Mastery and personal transformation.

The course outline

Each quarter explores a different core arena of life.  A sampling includes:

  • Soul Map (Deep Dive In)
    • Discover the map of your soul
    • Uncover your dual identity
    • Understand how your mind and heart interact
    • Study the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as it applies to your body, your soul, your life. (Download your copy of The Kabbalistic Tree of Life.)
    • Map your course to Self-Mastery
  • Soul Quest (Deep Dive In)
    • Meet your Split-Second-Self
    • Find your Furthest Fears
    • Discover your Deepest Desires
    • Explore your Seven Sefirotic Hats
    • Identify your various selves and how to work with each
  • Relationships Matter (Deep Dive Out)
    • Celebrate You
    • Learn to forgive your Folks
    • Begin to Parent from the Inside-Out
    • Uncover deeper connection with others
    • Experience more peace and joy in all your relationships whether in life or at work
  • Life Works (Dee[ Dive Out)
    • Embrace Radical Forgiveness
    • Find a new relationship with food
    • Stimulate your Creativity
    • Generate Joy
    • Join me to plot the path to your Highest Life

This is what you’ll receive in the program:

  • 42 LIVE weekly calls with Shimona
  • Accompanying PDF’s and Power Points where relevant
  • A bi-weekly meditation emailed in audio or video format
  • 2 in person 2-day masterminds
  • Access to a Google group of all trainees for ongoing support and JV opportunities
  • Plus all my usual free programming to complement what the course covers

The Kabbalah Method will change your life for good!

Our upcoming enrollment is January 21 2013.  Call our office at 718-493-2859 to find out more.